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What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report: Read 180

A report that examines the reearch-based effectiveness of Read 180® as a literacy intervention program. The report states that no studies of READ 180 that fall within the scope of the Adolescent Literacy (AL) review protocol meet What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) evidence standards, but seven studies meet WWC evidence standards with reservations. The seven studies included 10,638 students, ranging from grade 4 to grade 9, who attended elementary, middle, and high schools in Arizona, California, Florida, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. Based on these seven studies, the WWC considers the extent of evidence for READ 180 on adolescent learners to be medium to large for comprehension and general literacy achievement. No studies that meet WWC evidence standards with or without reservations examined the effectiveness of READ 180 on adolescent learners in the alphabetics or reading fluency domains.

Impact: READ 180 was found to have potentially positive effects on comprehension and general literacy achievement for adolescent learners

Classification: Research, Report, Program
Indicator area: ELA
Tier: Tier 2, Tier 3
Root Cause: Academic Reasons
Source: Institute of Education Sciences