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Learning What it Takes: An Initial Look at how Schools are using Early Warning Indicator Data and Collaborative Response Teams to Keep All Students on Track to Success

This report offers a first school-level look at how early warning systems are being implemented. The research team visited middle and high schools in cities across the country to observe how they are using EWIs to monitor and respond to student needs. The team explored five themes that describe how the EWI process is working in selected schools: 1) professional development and start-up for teachers and administrators, 2) identifying the Focus List of students for intervention (students who finished the previous school year with low attendance, poor behavior, and/or failed math or English), 3) the EWI meeting process, 4) EWI data systems, and 5) interventions and follow-up activities.

Publication Date: 2012
Grade Level: Middle grades, High school
Classification: Report
Indicator area: ELA, Math, Behavior, Attendance
Tier: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3
Source: Johns Hopkins University School of Education and the Everybody Graduates Center
Authors: Liza Herzog, Marcia Davis, Nettie Legters