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Culture of Inclusion and Respect

Creating a culture of inclusion and respect helps keep most students on track to academic success. This stragey may include the following:

  • Strategic classrooms where inclusive instructional strategies are aligned with individual needs of ALL learners (English Language Learners, Special Ed, and advanced)

  • Adoption of the policy that failure is not an option[1], and that students are provided as much supports and interventions as they need to succeed

  • Multiple ways to engage students and opportunities for all students to succeed

  • Adults use de-escalation strategies and redirect students’ maladaptive behaviors, teaching and supporting noncognitive skills necessary for ongoing academic success

[1] AED’s ABCI program (as described in Educational Leadership, April 2006, Vol. 63, No.7:

Indicator area: ELA, Math
Tier: Tier 1
Intervention: Yes
Authors: FHI 360