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The Connection Between Academic and Social-Emotional Learning

Education is changing. Academic learning and SEL are becoming the new standard for what are considered the basics that children should acquire during their schooling. This chapter outlines ideas to help get social-emotional efforts started as well as to sustain those that have already begun. It identifies eight elements necessary for the kind of academic-social-emotional balance that will lead students to success in school and life:

  1. Link social-emotional instruction to other school services.
  2. Use goal setting to focus instruction.
  3. Use differentiated instructional procedures.
  4. Promote community service to build empathy.
  5. Involve parents.
  6. Build social-emotional skills gradually and systematically.
  7. Prepare and support staff well.
  8. Evaluate what you do.
Target Audience: Administrator, Teacher, Policy maker
Classification: Report
Indicator area: Behavior
Source: The Educator’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement
Authors: Maurice J. Elias